Past Life Regression Therapy

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis and shamanic energy healing to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives. It is thought that, by exploring these past lives, a hypnotherapist can help you to uncover personal stories that help to explain who you are now. The hope is that you may discover a root cause of an issue from a previous life, which is affecting you in your current life.

Past life regression is a holistic therapy that works with a person as a whole - not only the body and mind, but your emotions and spirit too.

Some people try past life regression simply out of curiosity, to see who they were in the past and to learn the answers to such questions as:

Who was I in a previous life? 

Have I been here before? 

What is my soul purpose? 

Why does a place or situation seem so familiar? 

Who is my soul mate? 

What insight do I need to know in my life today? 

What is my karmic debt or lesson?

But for most, it’s a path for personal growth and healing. In some cases, you may experience issues, fears or phobias that you are unable to explain or have been unable to uncover the ‘source’ of the problem.  Past Life Regression therapy allows the client to unlock emotions and experiences stored deep within their subconscious mind.

Past Life Regression  can work for most people, so the important thing is to accept it and enjoy the benefits that it brings.  

What techniques are used?

For a Past Life Regression therapy, I use a combination of Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Healing Energy techniques to guide you back in time, allowing you to access your hidden memories in your subconscious of previous lifetimes, that can be rediscovered and explored.  

One session is enough for you to get access to your past lives and it is possible that you may experience more than one life at a time.  However, further sessions are completely at your discretion, it depends on how much exploration and healing you would like to make into your past.

Regardless of the reason that triggered your interest in past life exploration, the therapy is safe, relaxing and gentle.  

People leave the session feeling enlightened with an intense feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind.

(As with all hypnosis, Past Life Regression should only be carried out by a trained therapist.)

The Earth is a schoolroom for the soul

What will I experience during a Past Life Regression Session?

There is no way of knowing for sure what you will experience during regression therapy, as everyone experiences it differently. Some people may see glimpses of several past lives, whilst others may delve into one in more detail, or discover repressed memories from their current lifetime.

The important thing to remember is that you are a unique individual with a unique history, so your experience of past life regression therapy will be equally unique.

It is normal to feel unsure about where your memories will have come from, or wonder if you have made them up. But, as you become more comfortable with the process, these doubts will often fade.

Is this approach right for me?

Regression therapy, like many types of complementary therapy, is not for everyone.

Past life regression is often linked to reincarnation. There have been claims that a belief (or at least an openness) in the existence of reincarnation is the greatest predictor of reporting memories of past lives. On the other hand, it is thought that sceptics or disbelievers are less likely to report such memories.

Past life regression therapy is typically thought to be best for helping people to explore a spiritual path and it is gaining recognition as a type of spiritual healing. But whether you follow a religion or not, it is thought that by experiencing yourself as a soul in other lifetimes, you gain a profound awareness that you are more than a physical body.

Terms and Conditions 

Jennifer Perfect - Past Life Regression Therapist works to a high standard of care and practice and works within the strict code of ethics, with regards to practice & confidentiality and strongly advocate that NO medical advice is offered whatsoever.

Hypnosis is such that at no time can or will Jennifer Perfect guarantee success of your Past Life Regression. The responsibility for a successful outcome remains that entirely of the client.

My energy exchange rates for a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy session combined with Shamanic Energy Healing is £45 per session and I offer morning, afternoon and early evening sessions. Therapy sessions are 60 to 90 minutes.

Please contact me if you have any queries. I would love to hear from you.

Namaste 🙏

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