Smoking / Vaping Cessation 

'You are greater than your addiction.'  Nasia Davos

I want you to tell yourself this everyday. Because it is true.  YOU ARE greater than your smoking or vaping addiction.  You were born to be smoke free. Your life belongs to you.

Quit smoking quotes are great for inspiration, BUT are they enough to help you quit?  Well, for most they are not enough, that is why hypnosis can help you quit smoking. PERMANENTLY.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful modalities to create rapid and lasting change in one's life.   

  • Imagine not feeling deprived but happy to be a Non Smoker....
  • The way I work allows you to feel that you have a true choice and YOU ARE choosing to be a Non Smoker, not because you should, or have to...
  • Be a Non Smoker simply because YOU want to....
    And YOU want to stop smoking  or vaping with hypnosis 
  • Give up Smoking Hypnotherapy Sessions is  usually one session tailored specifically for YOU.
  • Some people like to book a follow up session a week later, that’s fine.
  • I work in a very relaxed, healilng and therapeutic environment 


Why hypnotherapy is so effective to assist someone like you to stop smoking with hypnosis.

For many people a stop smoking or vaping hypnotherapy session is a one off, but some people may need follow up sessions as they deal with the reasons why they started smoking, eg weight, stress etc.

Okay, you're over toying with the idea to give up smoking. You have realised that you want to be smoke free. Quitting smoking or vaping is no longer something you feel you “should” be doing, but something you really want to be doing. Because you know your life will be better for it, you will be healthier, your children will grow up in a non smoking environment, you are being the role model you want to be, you’re finally able to set yourself free knowing that you’ve done it! 

You have decided that the time to quit smoking is now! You're fed up with it and you want to be a Non Smoker. Great! And you decided you want to stop smoking with hypnosis, which, as research shows is the most effective way. But full disclaimer: Quit smoking with hypnosis is not a magic fix! You will be doing a bit of work here… 

You are now choosing to quit smoking with hypnotherapy. With my help you will enjoy new coping mechanisms for stress, boredom or whatever triggered the old smoking habit.

As a matter of fact many of my former clients report that their overall fitness levels and well-being has increased profoundly after their hypnosis stop smoking sessions.)

The most powerful changes come from within  

This is what sets us apart...

We don't just offer hypnotherapy, we offer a carefully crafted experience that ensures you have exactly what you need to quit smoking or vaping and remain a non-smoker. 

Everything is intentional. And everything we offer is strategically designed to ensure you live the rest of your life cigarette  or vaping free.  

I charge £35 for Smoking / Vaping Cessation hypnotherapy sessions and offer morning, afternoon and early evening sessions.

Please contact me if you have any queries. I would love to hear from you.

Namaste 🙏