A bit about me….

Hi, I am Jennifer Perfect,Reiki Master / Teacher & Hypnotherapist  (Reiki Master, Dip Hyp, Dip CMT, Dip HBCBE, Dip PLR,  Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation Dip).

I offer a full range of Hypnotherapy services including using reiki with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy and reiki  is a combination of two of the most powerful and wonderfully relaxing therapies. It is a blend of two deeply relaxing holistic therapies to bring about a relaxing and positive way to help you heal physical, emotional and mental problems.

I work with the Akashic Records and accessing past lives using a combination of hypnosis, reiki and shamanic healing, Getting glimpses into past lives allows us to see karmic debts we’re paying off in this lifetime to certain people, especially the ones who drive us crazy and test us at every turn often hurting and mistreating us!

I am fully qualified and insured.  

I have been practicing Hypnotherapy for 15 years, and Reiki since 2018, and offer a safe, therapeutic healing space at JenZen. 

I have personally found working with hypnosis combined with Reiki and chakra & energy healing  is a powerful, amazing healing tool and is a supercharged self-care treatment. It would be a privilege to share this journey with you. 

I have achieved the following CPD practitioner qualifications:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist Diploma
  • Reiki Master / Teacher
  • Chakra & Aura Healing Diploma 
  • Shamanic Healing / Energy Healing Diploma
  • Akashic Records Diploma
  • Soul Retrieval Diploma
  • Meditation Leader Diploma
  • Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression Diploma
  • Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation Leader
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapist 
  • Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapist 

'My mission is to help you uncover what’s holding you back… so you can move forward feeling confident, empowered and optimistic about the future.'  

Terms and Conditions 

Jennifer Perfect (Reiki Master / Teacher & Hypnotherapist) works to a high standard of care and practice and works within the strict code of ethics, with regards to practice & confidentiality and strongly advocate that NO medical advice is offered whatsoever.

Hypnosis is such that at no time can or will Jennifer Perfect guarantee success and confirms the responsibility for a successful outcome remains that entirely of the client.

Please contact me if you have any queries. I would love to hear from you.

Namaste 🙏